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Vredestein Sportrac 5: Quiet, comfortable and sporty!

26 March 2012
Sportrac 5
Sportrac 5
New Vredestein summer tyre successor to test-winning Sportrac 3

The Vredestein Sportrac 3 won the 2011 summer tyre test by the ADAC, the German traffic, transport and assistance organisation. On 26 March 2012, Apollo Vredestein will unveil in spectacular fashion the successor to this summer tyre in Budapest: The Vredestein Sportrac 5. The company has chosen not to use the name Sportrac 4 in order to prevent confusion with Vredestein’s all-season tyres. The Sportrac 5 is an extraordinarily quiet and comfortable summer tyre that excels in stability and sportiness, and offers excellent handling on both wet and dry surfaces. The Sportrac 5 sizes can be fitted on cars in the upper medium range.

Giugiaro design
The Vredestein Sportrac 5 was developed in cooperation with Italian design company Giugiaro. This ground-breaking partnership has already resulted in many other successful tyres over recent years, including the Vredestein Ultrac Cento and Ultrac Sessanta, which are both very popular among drivers.

Giugiaro Design developed the tread and side engraving of the Sportrac 5 and have given them several notable components. Shading at the base of all four grooves underlines the asymmetry and gives the tyre a sporty appearance, for example, while the side engraving is uniquely sleek. Moreover, the shoulder of the Sportrac 5 has the Vredestein logo near the tread wear indicator.

Perfect handling and a long lifespan
In contrast to the Sportrac 3, the Sportrac 5 is asymmetrical instead of directional. The tyre also has designer hinge points on its central grooves, giving the flexibility required for a low rolling resistance and a good footprint with an excellent surface pressure distribution. This in turn ensures an even wear of the tyre and excellent handling on dry and wet surfaces.

Handling Tuned Sidewall principle
Like its predecessor, the Sportrac 5 benefits from the Handling Tuned Sidewall principle. Together with the firm outer shoulders and robust construction this offers a very sporty driving performance and superior handling

Safe and quiet driving
The Sportrac 5 has four wide circumferential grooves for optimal water discharge and maximum aquaplaning reserves. The intelligent distribution of the tyre’s shoulder blocks provides a perfect performance when braking on wet surfaces, while also contributing to the low noise levels (interior and exterior) of the tyre. All in all the Sportrac 5 is the most sporty summer tyre in the current V segment market.