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Apollo Vredestein


Vredestein prefers to see sponsoring as a form of cooperation in which two parties benefit each other. Sponsoring entails the sponsored party being willing and able to offer something significant in return. In addition to advertisements and billboards, this could include tickets, for instance.
Vredestein’s sponsoring goals are to increase brand familiarity, strengthen brand image, contribute to internal pride, enhance relationships and sell products. Sponsoring does not have to be about money alone - it can also involve the provision of facilities or personnel. A key factor in sponsoring is that the core values of Vredestein and the sponsored parties are closely related.


  • There has to be plenty of time to plan successful sponsoring (in case of events, a sponsor request should be sent three months before the event takes place). 
  • The intended purpose has a national/international character. 
  • The organisation is professional and reliable. 
  • In principle Vredestein demands branch exclusivity as (main) sponsor. This means that Vredestein will not provide sponsoring if another tyre manufacturer is also acting as sponsor. 
  • There can be no permanent, financial dependence on Vredestein as sponsor. 
  • Vredestein sees the benefits of sponsoring. 
  • Sponsoring contributes to the realisation of the intended marketing goals. 
  • The decision for approval/rejection will be communicated in writing or per e-mail. No discussion will be entered into over any possible refusal.

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