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Tire Seasonality

Choosing the right seasonality tire is crucial in maximizing a tire’s capabilities. Based on the weather each region receives, a tire’s optimal condition range is a huge factor in ensuring a tire is best suited for you and the climate you’ll be driving in.

Performance in every condition

Selecting the right tire for you is heavily based on your region, and performance expectations. Each season you experience tests a tire in several performance parameters, and conditions heavily influence their performance.  See climates best suited for each tire tire below to help you decide which type is right for you.


Winter - 45 Degrees and Below

Dedicated Winter tires are made for harsh conditions, allowing for superior grip in snow and ice in the extreme northern regions. Winter tires display the 3PMSF symbol to show their snow capabilities, provided by a softer tread compound. Due to their composition, they need to be swapped in warmer weather to an all-season, or all-weather tire to
extend their lifespan.


All Weather - Above and Below 45 Degrees

All weather tires are designed to excel in snow and slush winter conditions and can be a convenient option if you want to avoid switching to winter tires in the fall and replacing them in the spring. They are 3PMSF marked to display their snow handling in the winter. They are also year-round capable, and are great for Northeastern states, mountainous areas, and Northern Pacific regions that frequently see snowfall.


All Season - 45 Degrees and Above

All season tires are made to handle year-round use and are extremely effective in the warmer regions like the Southeast, and southwest, that rarely see snow, but need to be
able to get through mild winter conditions. All season tires have a longer lifespan and offer a higher level of wet and dry road performance.


Summer - Above 45 Degrees

These tires offer the highest level of performance for enthusiasts. The soft tread compound provides maximum grip but will need to be swapped for a winter capable tire in colder conditions, due to their composition.

*Summer tires are restricted to the UHP segment in the US