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Beat the winter: Vredestein releases new Wintrac Pro

Apollo Vredestein has today introduced a brand-new ultra-high-performance Vredestein winter tyre. The Vredestein Wintrac Pro was unveiled during a dedicated product launch show at The Tire Cologne and is set to provide unrivalled winter performance for the most powerful cars.


The Vredestein Wintrac Pro answers the growing market demands in the 17-inch and higher ultra-high-performance segment. The new winter tire makes no concessions in terms of performance, offering maximum grip while cornering, short stopping distances on wet roads and great handling, even at high speeds. The Wintrac Pro is available in speed rating Y, making it appropriate for use at speeds of up to 300 km/h for a large number of sizes. The tyre merges an attractive design (created in collaboration with Giugiaro) with advanced technology.





  • Superb grip while cornering 
  • More than 15% better handling on snow
  • Short stopping distance on wet roads
  • 10% improvement on wet braking 
  • Great controllability, even at high speeds
  • Speed rating Y available for many sizes (up to 300 km/h)

Data based on internal testing compared to predecessor Wintrac xTremeS in development size 225/50 R 17 98V XL

Advanced Technology

Wintrac Pro Advanced Technology
  • Tread pattern with optimised sipe and groove directions:
  • Sharp angled centre grooves and shoulder sipes to optimise snow handling
  • Horizontal sipes in the centre area for maximum braking and acceleration
Wintrac Pro Advanced Technology
  • Long and oval shaped footprint
  • To increase water evacuation from the tread and thereby improve wet performance
  • Round footprint creates a direct steering response and harmonious cornering behaviour
Wintrac Pro Advanced Technology
  • Resin combined with high silica content in the tread compound improves handling and braking on wet, snow and ice.





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