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Wintrac Pro receives awards around the world

Vredestein Wintrac Pro receives numerous awards in several third party tests across the world

With a launch earlier this year in North America, (USA +Canada) the Vredestein Wintrac Pro is making its presence felt.  AutoBuild, AutoBuild Sportscar, Auto Zeitung, and additional independent tests in North America have rated the Wintrac Pro as a top contender among the competition.

AutoBild ran a series of tests which included the Vredestein Wintrac Pro, and granted the tire the ‘Vorbildich’ (Exemplary) title.  This was in the category of ‘Security and Driving Pleasure’, proving that the tire offers a balance of spirited driving capability, along with comfort and safety. AutoBild also named Apollo Vredestein the ‘Best All-Season tire manufacturer’ after reviewing the Vredestein Quatrac 5 and Pro, saying, “The current model Quatrac 5 and the new Quatrac Pro deliver the most safety reserves when braking. This ensures the Dutch tire manufacturer Apollo Vredestein the Award as the best all-season tire manufacturer...”

Auto Zeitung also praised the Wintrac Pro in their tests, granting the title of ‘Sehr Empfehlenswert’ (Very Recommendable). They ranked the Wintrac Pro at third place out of twelve brands that were tested. With the margin between second place being four points, and first place being six points, Vredestein amassed a total of 376 points. Auto Zeitung declared it  a “well-balanced winter tire that has great success all around.” 

In the AutoBild Sportscar tire test, the Wintrac Pro won the coveted award of ‘Vorbildich’, (Exemplary) and an overall rating of second among a total of 10 tire brands.  The Wintrac Pro overtook the likes of Michelin, Continental, Nokian, and many others, while being ranked second by only a small margin.  AutoBild listed the tires strengths as, “excellent performance on snowy and wet slopes, good safety reserves in aquaplaning, precise steering behavior, short wet braking distances, and stable dry handling.”

Commenting on the success of the tire, Abhishek Bisht, Global Head of New Markets and Channels at Apollo Tyres said, “With a rich history of winter tire development, dating back to 1965, these results are indicative of the investments we have made in designing the Vredestein Wintrac Pro for powerful cars in the North American market with the seventh generation of the Wintrac line.”

With 110 years of history, and a specialty in cold climate performance,Apollo Vredestein offers the largest size range fit for consumers, with top of the line performance. 

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