About Vredestein 


Over a century of craftsmanship has allowed us to refine the art of tire innovation and performance, establishing Vredestein as Europe's premier first-class tire manufacturer.

Shaped by our European heritage and driven by our vision to produce the ultimate driving experience, we are setting the pace for the future of global tire technology. By celebrating the lessons learned over our 110 year history and investing in our future through pioneering R&D centers and testing, we continue our legacy for the next generation.

Our Vision:

Our vision at Vredestein has always been the same. To redefine the way we move by designing and developing tire products which set the global standard in performance, safety and control. Through our investments in research and development, we continue to pioneer and produce tire products which provide our users with exceptional driving experiences in every season.

Our Values:

Our values inform the way we think. They are the pillars that guide us in every decision we make and drive us toward the future we want to be a part of. For each member of the Vredestein global community, our values are what inspire us to push the boundaries and test the limits on what's possible in the pursuit of the perfect drive. Our Vredestein brand values are what we uphold in everything we do and every innovation we create, always steered by our global corporate values as a member of Apollo Tyres Ltd. 

Our Future:

We are a brand of firsts. We have mastered the foundations of tire design and function and for us, the future is about refining what we do and how we do it. By ensuring that the products we produce and the process through which we produce them benefits the generations of today, and tomorrow.

The protection of our environment and its resources is a responsibility for each of us. We, as a global brand, are committed to our continued investment in sustainable solutions within tire design, production, distribution and disposal. From the raw materials which constitute our tires to the recyclability of those materials at the end of their lifespan, we continue to work to ensure that the future of our industry is a long and prosperous one for us all. 


Vredestein values