Why Vredestein


Pioneering tire technology has been our purpose since we produced our first bicycle tire in 1910. From then, we have produced tire products that have brought home gold medals, broken world records and reinvented what safe, seamless, precision driving can be.


Our four core values are what lead our people in the ideas we invent, the decisions we take and the products we engineer. They are our roadmap to the future, allowing us to continue to form our own path in tire innovation and production as we always have.

Distinctly European

We are European by birth and by nature. Our tires are designed and tested on European roads to ensure that the tires we produce perform on any surface and in any weather. From ice-capped Alpine descents to golden hour coastal cruising, our European heritage inspires us to excel industry standards in tire design and performance.


Vredestein Distinctly European


Heritage Legacy

Our legacy is in the experiences we create through the products we design. A legacy that has guided us through the past 114 years of innovation and continues to inspire us in our pursuit of the perfect driving experience. Even after a century of advancements in tire technology, we know our story has only just begun.


Vredestein Heritage Legacy


Design Thinking

To achieve exceptional performance, you first have to design it. We strive to test the limits with every new tire we create and push the boundaries of tire design with products that are engineered to enhance their vehicle in both ability and aesthetics. Establishing a new benchmark for future tire technology with every new release. 


Vredestein Design Thinking


Performance Edge

The world is ever changing and the way we move is changing with it. We are driven to adapt to the mobility needs of today with the high-performance tire technology of tomorrow. Focused on how our products can lead you and your vehicle to experience driving at its full potential, whether it's cycling, everyday driving or agricultural operations.


Vredestein Performance Edge