About Vredestein

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Heritage Legacy

Vredestein is proud to be among the oldest tire manufacturers in the world today with a history dating back more than 100 years.


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Performance Edge

At Vredestein, we develop and produce tires which enhance the performance of every vehicle. A Vredestein tire is always designed to perform optimally and to maximize the driver’s freedom. We strive to offer drivers the most comfortable driving 
experience, all with outstanding performance.


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Design Thinking

Our laser-sharp focus on delivering aesthetically beautiful tread and sidewalls is proof positive that design is in our DNA. At Vredestein, we have a clear vision of how a tire should look, which is why we continue to devote attention in-house to the tread design and sidewalls of our tires.


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Distinctly European

Vredestein is tailor making tires for North America with European roots at the heart of it all.

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