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Vredestein Quatrac Pro ranked #1 in Tire Rack’s testing of all-weather tires

The new Vredestein Quatrac Pro All-Weather UHP tire outperforms other brands in third-party tests.

In what Tire Rack describes as “… a recipe for a paradigm shift in the category”, the Vredestein Quatrac Pro outperformed other leading brands in third-party independent tests for the All-Weather segment. The Vredestein Quatrac Pro was placed on top in the category of Grand Touring tires.

The Vredestein Quatrac Pro secured the leading position in the objective tests of dry slalom, wet slalom, wet total lap time, wet lateral Gs, and wet 50-0 MPH ABS stop. The Quatrac Pro was placed second in the objective tests of dry total lap time, and dry 50-0 MPH ABS stop.

Tires like Quatrac Pro with the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMS) certification for severe snow service, often called “All Weather”, are gaining popularity in states that typically require a change between All-Season and winter tires to cope with big variations in driving conditions throughout the year. The Quatrac Pro’s strong results in Tire Rack’s road, wet, and dry testing, show it is an excellent choice even when and where winter weather isn’t a concern. Woody Rogers, Product Information Specialist at Tire Rack, says, “The new Quatrac Pro looks like a game-changer with its excellent performance in our test during warm everyday driving conditions. We’re anxious to see its snow and ice capability once winter weather arrives.”  



Abhishek Bisht, Global Head-New Markets & Channels of Apollo Tyres Ltd says, “With 158 OEM and aftermarket sizes, Vredestein has superior coverage across the most popular All-Weather Grand Touring fitments, including many challenging high speed, and larger rim diameter fitments.” 


Apollo Vredestein has a rich history of 110 years of tire development, along with 26 years of dedicated All-Weather tire innovation. For All-Weather tires, Apollo Vredestein has focused on cold climate performance, while maintaining superior ride quality in varying weather conditions. These results are a testimony of the efforts by the company’s R&D team toward the development of a well-rounded, top of the line All-Weather tire.


The Vredestein Quatrac Pro is the seventh generation of the Quatrac line with improved sipes, silica infused material composition, and dedicated inner and outer climate zones.  The R&D team has worked relentlessly in order to design the Quatrac Pro specifically for US climates and roads, ensuring ultimate performance across weather conditions.