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  • FUEL EFFICIENCY/ROLLING RESISTANCE Fuel efficiency is important to reduce both CO2 emissions and the cost of driving. Each tire can be categorized for its fuel efficiency. Tires are rated between A – G; A being the most fuel efficient, G bring the least fuel efficient. The difference between each category means a reduction or increase in fuel consumption of 3–4%.
  • WET GRIP/BRAKING PERFORMANCE Wet grip is a critical safety feature, relating to how quickly a tire can stop on wet roads. Tires are rated A – G; A being the shortest braking distances in the wet, G being the longest braking distance in the wet. The difference in each category can mean an extra one to two car lengths (10–20 feet) on the stopping distance.
  • NOISE EMISSION/EXTERIOR NOISE This relates to the external noise made by the tire and is measured in dB (decibels). There are three ratings for noise as indicated by sound waves on the diagram. The more black waves, the louder the tire.

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