Apollo Tyres’ newly developed Vredestein VF Flotation Optimall has won an ‘exemplarily’ rating by the independent German test institute DLG, achieving the best soil-pressure performance out of multiple VF trailer tires tested within its competitive set.

In field testing, the Vredestein VF Flotation Optimall achieved a ground pressure that was 25% lower than the competing premium VF tires; it also featured the largest contact surface in its class. Compared to budget VF tires in the test, the Vredestein product achieved a benefit in soil pressure of at least 50%.

For the test, DLG fitted several VF tires in the popular size VF 750/60 R 30.5 on a KAWECO 3-axle slurry tanker. To ensure equal and fair evaluation, the equipment, tire load, speed and field conditions were consistent for each tested tire.

Following the tests, a DLG representative “The new development of Vredestein, the Flotation Optimall VF 750/60R30.5 187 D, had a contact area pressure of less than one kg/cm² (0.92 kg/cm², or 13.08 psi) at 1.0 bar air pressure, making it the only tire with a value below 1, out of 5 different tires tested. This sets new standards in the trailer-tire segment, which must cope with high and changing wheel loads.”

The track depth of the Vredestein VF Flotation Optimall was 24% less deep compared to the runner up VF tire in the test. As a result, significant reductions in fuel consumption were measured in the field when pulling a 40-ton slurry tanker. The test demonstrated that the Vredestein VF tire can offer up to 3 l/h (.79 gal/hr) of fuel savings; this corresponds to a savings potential of up to 4 Euros ($4.34 USD) per operational hour in the field.

“The latest test results from DLG showcase farmers’ opportunity to easily save thousands of dollars per machine on fuel annually when using the Vredestein Flotation Optimall. Moreover, farmers will generate higher yields year after year, taking care of their valuable soil,” said Guido Boerkamp, Director Off-Highway Tyres Europe at Apollo Tyres.

Apollo Tyres is presenting the Vredestein VF Flotation Optimall and the DLG report at the Agritechnica event on running from November 12-19 in Hanover, Germany. Vredestein can be found in Hall 20, stand A13.