Vredestein showcases agricultural tire lineup at 2023 Farm Progress Show and Husker Harvest Days 


Vredestein Tires, the premium European tire brand, celebrates its first-ever appearances at two of the leading U.S. agricultural exhibitions. Vredestein’s globally renowned lineup of agricultural tires was displayed at the 2023 Farm Progress Show (August 29-31) in Decatur, Illinois, and will appear again at the upcoming 2023 Husker Harvest Days (September 12-14) in Grand Island, Nebraska.  

Vredestein has over a century of experience building high-performance tires for passenger vehicles and agricultural equipment. While those categories serve distinct audiences with specific needs, Vredestein’s unwavering commitment to engineering innovation, exceptional quality, and design excellence in the service of optimal performance is the unifying theme that makes its tires world-renowned and critically acclaimed wherever they are sold.  

This commitment to performance is evident in the Vredestein agricultural-tire lineup, composed of the Traxion and Faktor ranges, designed to provide solutions to farmers operating a wide range of tractors, harvesters, and other critical farm implements. At the recently completed Farm Progress Show and upcoming Husker Harvest Days, the brand’s focus is on the Traxion Optimall and Traxion XXL tractor tires, as well as the Endurion Trailer tire.  

“We are proud to offer our award-winning agricultural tires from Europe to the American farmer,” said Abhishek Bisht, Assistant Vice President, Americas. “Our unique lug design sets us apart from the competition, delivering superior performance, lifespan, and ROI compared to our premium competitors, and there is no better way to demonstrate this to customers than by putting Traxion Optimall and Traxion XXL in front of them at important exhibitions like the Farm Progress Show and Husker Harvest Days.” 

Vredestein’s Traxion family of agricultural tires delivers the ultimate combination of performance, value, and productivity. Excellent traction is combined with low compaction to preserve soil. The Traxion Optimall and XXL have superior wear attributes compared to key competitors, helping deliver farmers improved ROI on their tire investment, through longer hours and lower operating costs per hour/acre. All of this comes in a low-vibration package that is not only quieter and more comfortable on the road—it simply looks great, thanks to eye-catching sidewall graphics that drive home Vredestein’s focus on design.  

Later this year, Vredestein will expand the range of available fitments for its VF tractor and flotation tires and roll out the new Endurion trailer tire featuring a steel-belted carcass.  

For more information on Vredestein’s full agricultural and industrial tire lineup, visit vredestein.com/agricultural-industrial-tires/