Vredestein Comes to the Lime Rock Park Festival

ATLANTA, GA September 1st, 2023 - Vredestein is the official tire partner of Lime Rock Park Historic Festival 41, scheduled for Labor Day weekend.

Attendees will see three vehicles that showcase the Vredestein performance-tire lineup. In addition, there will be tire displays detailing three other tires.

The tires featured include:

  • Sprint Classic: A tire that combines classic looks with contemporary performance for vintage autos driven by enthusiasts;
  • Hypertrac: An ultra high-performance all-season tire for premium and luxury vehicles, offering wet-weather capabilities and balance;
  • Quatrac Pro: All-weather ultra-high performance for powerful cars and SUVs. It is designed for year-round use, providing excellent performance in wet, and safety in winter conditions;
  • Wintrac Pro: Winter performance for the vehicles on the road today, focusing on grip and control in snow and cold;
  • Ultrac Vorti+: A summer tire that delivers grip and precision while cornering, outstanding wet and dry braking, and compounds that improve fuel efficiency and extend tire life; and
  • Pinza: A family of tires for light trucks and SUVs. The Pinza AT offers all-terrain capability, durability, on-road capabilities, and comfort in all weather conditions. The Pinza HT provides traction and comfort in all seasons for truck and SUV drivers whose driving needs are focused on paved surfaces.

"Events like this allow us to show enthusiasts the full breadth of our product range —premium tires that fit every need, from the historic cars attendees will see on the track all weekend, to the variety of enthusiast and everyday vehicles that those fans will drive to the event," Abhishek Bisht, assistant vice president of the Americas at Apollo, said.