Vredestein Partners with MotorTrend to Launch New All-Terrain Tire

The launch of the Vredestein Pinza, our incredible new all-terrain offering, is here, and to show just what this 'Comfortably Rugged' tire is capable of, we invited Jonny Lieberman and Lyn Woodward from MotorTrend, one of the largest and most respected automotive publications in the world, to put it to the test. 

This expert team put the tire through its paces on winding California highways and tough off-road terrain and found the Vredestein Pinza more than capable of handling everything they threw at it and then some. And not only did they find that the all-terrain tire performed well under rough conditions, but they experienced the ‘Comfortably Rugged’ promise of the product and were impressed by just how comfortable and quiet it was. And in their words, “Vredestein brought over 110 years of experience into this category,” making for an impressive all-around driving experience.

But words don’t do it justice; take a ride with MotorTrend and see just what the Vredestein Pinza can do. Click here to experience their journey.

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